These are some of the roles I have voiced. Hover over them to learn who they are, and click on them to hear what they sound like.


PTR-07B, Project Terminus
Sharon Maximus, Mini Rumble
Rima, Maho Senshi
Gumo, Maho Senshi
Kim J, UnTown
Max, Helping Max to be a Good Doggy
Odette, Another Random Day
Slurpy, CRiTORA
Kellie, Fluff and the Floobles
Sam, Fluff and the Floobles
Besse, Little Buggies
Michael, The Catch
Chalk, UnTown
Gipp, 6 Storms
Kara, Totally Normal
???, TicPunch
Viva, DCS
Marian, The Antagonist
Brandon, A GachaVerse Film Series
Kiki, A GachaVerse Film Series
Bobby, Fluff and the Floobles